Thanks For Lockdown Fundraising

Run completed!


We are really grateful to Ilana Cope, who is on a gap year between school and university.  Ilana told us, “I was travelling in South-East Asia when coronavirus hit, so I had to come home. I have never really been a runner, but during lockdown I wanted to make the most of my one permitted run a day, by doing a 5k every morning.  As I got faster I decided to challenge myself by training for a half marathon.”

Ilana chose to raise money for Sanctuary Hosting because she knew about the struggles of destitute asylum seekers and refugees through her Mum’s work of many years.  “Sanctuary Hosting is an amazing scheme that helps people in desperate situations.  I know the money will go a long way.”

Ilana raised £900 for Sanctuary Hosting, and completed the half marathon in 2 hours 18 minutes.  Congratulations and thank you!

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