One of our hosts, Paul Clifford has just finished an 85-mile walk along the length of Hadrian’s wall, and is kindly raising money for Sanctuary Hosting through sponsorship. If you would like to support him, you can still donate on his giving page here.

He says:

“The walk is over, folks. The thick end of 90 miles in six days carrying all I needed. Two and a half dry days and three and a half wet ones (see the pictures). From sea level up to 1500 feet and down again, dodging sheep, cattle, mud, bogs and the walkers coming in the other direction. I’ve returned with my feet held together with blister plasters, a sense of satisfaction and jaw-dropping admiration for the legionaries who built a wall of that length twelve feet high and ten feet thick in six years. Only bits of it are left but that any of it remains is testimony to its durability. I stayed in some highly recommendable b & bs en route, went without supper one day and lunch on another; all worth it to be able to help SH with its fantastic work on behalf of some of the most vulnerable people. Where next?”