Last year we circulated a survey to all of our current and past hosts, to see what we could do better and how we could improve our service, leading to better outcomes for everyone that we work with.

One theme that emerged was that hosts would like to know more about their guests prior to move-in.

It’s a delicate line to walk- hosts are largely motivated to create the best environment for their guests, and it is understandable that they are keen for information about their guests. But we know that they also understand the importance of maintaining the guests dignity and privacy.

The wonderful thing about hosting is that invariably- in the course of the hosting period- a rapport and a trust is often established, that means a natural flow of conversation can occur, but of course- it is important that the guests has control over his or her own story.

In response to this- we have created some short guides to four of the countries that many of our guests come from. We hope these may be useful to at least establish some context for hosts and anyone else who wants to learn about these countries.

Please feel free to download them and use if they are useful to you.


Disclaimer: They are a very short overview of countries with rich, diverse, culture, people and politics and are by no means absolute.
The guides were researched and produced in good faith by Sanctuary Hosting. We welcome any amendments and corrections! If you have any, please email


The Guides

Short guide_ Albania

Short guide_ Afghanistan

Short guide_ Eritrea

Short guide_ The Gambia

Short guide_Syria